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Industrial Automations Italiano
Our main specialization is in the steel industry, and particularly in the rolling, continuous casting and drawing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
We would like to outline that all ours equipments are made only with products availables on the word market. This in order that ours customers should buy in time of the spare parts.

More specifically, we are able to supply for any kind of industral sectors:

  • Design of medium voltage and low voltage systems
  • Automatic medium and low voltage power factor correction systems
  • Medium voltage switchboards
  • Medium voltage transformers
  • DC and AC motors (trade of various brands)
  • Brushless motors
  • Automation equipment for industrial plants with PLC (T.E.I. S.r.l. has various software for work out the application.
  • Control equipments with variable-speed drives for DC, AC and brushless motors (we know and we have installed many products.
  • Control desks complete of operator panels, remote I/O, identification tags in various languages as italian/english/spanish/french/german
  • Distribution panels. (Power centre)
  • Studies, consulting and design for all types of automations with supply of hardware and software
  • Development of plant supervision systems up to 2nd level (software and hardware driver systems for the operation of plants through recipes based on the product to be processed, management of historical, alarm control, tracking of bars, etc.)
  • Installation engineering, assembling of the plants supplied
  • Commisioning of plants supplied
  • Electronic photodetectors of infrared radiation type FR5
  • Optical position detectors (loop detectors).
T.E.I. S.r.l. - Viale del Lavoro 23 Z.I.U. Lauzacco 33050 Pavia di Udine(UD) - P.Iva 01993640307
Issued and fully paid-up share capital euro 98.800,00 - REA Registration 231328

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